One America News Investigates: 'Dominion-izing' the Vote - Full Video


How compromised was the 2020 election? Dominion Voting Systems, which is used in 29 states, has had a history of problems. Stolen laptops, “switched” votes, Clinton ties, Antifa CEOs, undeniable data... Join OAN’s Chanel Rion for this exclusive investigation.

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Dominion-izing the Vote, Trump2020, Electronic Voting Machine Fraud, Hunter Biden
  • Shelley

    It has been a scam against President Trump from the beginning..He is our President, even now...Biden be gone!!!!
    People involved in this bad behavior should all be ashamed...if that word even exits anymore. The LEFT is nothing but EVIL...always has been!!!

  • Bruce Kolinski

    Informative report. Thank you.